Bubba’s Hover

Yes I want one. Takes you through and over anything on a golf course.

How Comments Work

It seems that the system that the “comments” work on on the site are not understood. If you fail to put your comment in the right relevant place it makes the conversation illegible as your comments appear in the wrong place.

The comments system is pretty easy. Every original post that is made has a “Leave Reply” box at the bottom of it (when you are signed in). You can access each posts “Leave Reply” box by opening the post in full by clicking on the title of the post in the main screen or you can click on the comments link at the bottom right.of each post on the main screen.  If you wish to comment on the post, this is where you leave your comment. Your comment will appear under the post in order of posting.

Each individual comment has it’s own “Reply” link. This is if you want to reply to a comment NOT the original post.

The comments and reply to comments are published in a linear fashion so if you put it in the wrong place it completely messes up the order and makes the conversation almost impossible to follow.

Take for example the post at A Captains Message

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The Open – Advent Calendar

I’m definitely in the “Bah! Humbug!” clan but this may cheer you up. A decent advent calendar with some prizes if you can guess right.


Molly Hodgson

Molly Hodgson will be 100 years old when her club, Nevill Golf Club hits it’s centenary. How many of us hope that we are still going to our clubs when we are that age.

Instruction – Swing Plane

I thought this was a good video, courtesy of Golf Monthly, about how to check that your swing plane is correct.

As I am somebody that definitely swings from outside to in, it gave me a sense of how to look at correcting it.

Thinking of putting more of these kind of things on the blog so that it keeps going especially in the winter time. Any thoughts about what you would like to see some of?


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