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Crawford Trophy 2012

The Crawford Trophy was played for at Prestwick Golf Club on Thursday 19th April. Due to work and other commitments the turnout was a very low, in fact a record low, of 11 players. This did not dampen the enthusiasm of those that could make it and a great day was had by all.

As usual our welcome was fantastic from the staff and members and our only worry was that if the very dark clouds that were threatening above would come to anything. Luckily for us all there was only a five minute spell of hail to dampen our spirits throughout both rounds.

The Crawford Trophy was hotly contested as the minimal turnout spurred all of the players on as they were all in with a chance. Ronnie McEwan, who was in the first group, posted a “Leader In The Clubhouse” score of 35 points. It wasn’t until George Crawford, who was in the last group, came in¬†that that score¬†would be challenged. George also posted a score of 35 points and was eager to see what the back nine score of Ronnie’s was. Unfortunately Ronnie had 19 points and he had 15, so unfortunately for George, he missed out on winning the trophy by virtue of a count back. To say the least he was gutted but in true George Crawford style he kept smiling, took it on the chin and congratulated Ronnie on his victory.

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